Our TMS Testimonials

More Productive Days

I had a very pleasant experience with my TMS treatment. I am able to have more productive days since I finished my treatment and do not struggle as much. The office staff was very friendly and concerned about me and The TMS treaters made me feel comfortable and were inviting. Dr. Fickey was very nice.

Pleasant and Life Changing

My TMS therapy experience was overall pleasant and life changing. With the help of TMS, I can start living life on my own terms. The office staff was very positive and supportive and My TMS treaters were helpful and patient with me. Thank you, Embracing Life Wellness Center!

Genuinely Nice and Respectful

Prior to completing TMS treatment, I wasn’t able to reflect on my past without getting depressed or upset. The office staff, TMS treaters, and Dr. Fickey were genuinely nice and respectful. The TMS treaters were easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable.

Great Experience

My experience with TMS therapy was great! Before I started TMS treatment, I could hardly get out of bed and now I can do a lot more in the community. The office staff, TMS treaters, and Dr. Fickey were wonderful. TMS treatment helped me so much!

The TMS Treaters were Awesome

After completing TMS Therapy, I am able to go through the day without sleeping all day. The TMS treaters were awesome. They made sure I was comfortable and if I was having any issues, they would speak to Dr. Fickey. Dr. Fickey was also awesome and made me feel at ease.

Kind and Courteous

My experience with TMS therapy has been pleasant. Before I started TMS therapy I struggled to be present in certain situations but now I do not, and I have more energy. With the help of TMS, I am able to concentrate and sleep better. I also am not so quick to anger, and I am able to help keep my family calm. The office staff was very kind and courteous.

Excited to continue to see my life progress!

TMS therapy has helped me cope better with sad situations. Before I started this treatment, I wasn’t able to put sadness into a bubble to work on and look at. I would let it attack and absorb all of me. I am able to remain intact now. The office staff was awesome!! I will miss them! Especially Natasha! The TMS treaters were awesome, kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Fickey was professional, comforting and kind. I’m excited to continue to see my life progress after TMS therapy.

Friendly and Respectable

The office staff was pleasant, friendly, respectable, and conscientious of my time during my TMS treatments. I want to thank you for having treaters wear masks and gloves. Thank you, for providing me with masks to help keep all of us well.

A Clearer Mind

Since completing TMS therapy I am able handle situations with a clearer mind. Before I started this therapy, I was not able to think through certain situations, but now, if I am not comfortable with situations I can still function. The office staff was excellent! They kept me updated on everything. The TMS treaters were excellent, very caring, and really worked with me in making sure the experience was enjoyable and comfortable. Dr. Fickey was also great, she tried to help solve some issues I have been dealing with.

Kind and Knowledgeable

After completing TMS therapy, I am able to concentrate better and sleep more on a schedule. Also, before starting TMS therapy, I was not able to enjoy things and thought that things would be better if I was not alive. The office staff was always professional and friendly. The TMS treaters were always friendly and explained everything well. Dr. Fickey was professional, kind, and knowledgeable.

Wonderful Experience!

My experience with TMS Therapy has been wonderful! Since completing TMS Therapy I can do things without forcing myself or even thinking about it. Before starting this therapy, I struggled with making simple phone calls, organizing, or cleaning my house because I just couldn’t bring myself to do them. The office staff was amazing, kind and knowledgeable. The TMS treaters and Dr. Fickey were wonderful! They made the experience/treatment better by answering any questions and making sure I was completely comfortable. Dr. Fickey was very thorough and answered any questions or concerns I had. I would do this treatment over and over again!

Wish I had done this sooner!

TMS was a very good experience for me! I had a great experience overall, great results, and no side effects. I can get up every day with a good/positive outlook on life and look into the future. There is not one thing I would change about my experience with TMS except I wish I had done this sooner! The office staff was awesome, very sweet and helpful. The TMS treater was amazing. I was able to talk to her comfortably and feel as though we became friends. Dr. Fickey was great! She always made sure everything was going well and working great. Thank you to everyone involved with my treatment experience.

Haven't Felt This Good in Over 30 Years!

I had a positive experience with TMS Therapy. When it was first suggested to me, I was a little skeptical, but my hope was greater than my skepticism. I am able to wake up in the morning with a feeling of purpose instead of exhaustion and dread. Before TMS therapy, I wasn’t able to smile without effort, drive without losing my control, or have confidence. The office staff was courteous, friendly and accommodating. They felt like they were my friends. The TMS treater was compassionate, easy to talk to, and thorough with explanations. Dr. Fickey was kind and thoughtful especially when I asked about getting off my medications. I would have never tried it without the recommendation of this office but I am so glad that I did it. I feel like me again. I haven’t felt this good in over 30 years! Thank you!

Life Altering Experience!

My experience with TMS Therapy has been wonderful! It has changed my life for the better and I can feel myself regaining control over my life. I am able to control myself and actually choose happiness. I can see things much clearer now. Prior to completing TMS Therapy I wasn’t able to motivate myself to workout everyday and now I can because I want to. The only thing I would change about my experience if I were able to would be to have started TMS much, much sooner! The TMS treaters were fantastic and professionals who made me feel comfortable right from the start. Dr. Fickey was very understanding, caring and passionate! I honestly wish I knew about this sooner. It was an amazing, life altering experience!

Highly Recommend TMS Therapy!

After completing TMS therapy, I can now get up in the mornings and feel like I can get things done. I look forward to going and doing things with my family and friends. The TMS treaters were the best and I enjoyed seeing them every day. I would highly recommended TMS therapy.

Top Notch Staff Exceeded My Expectations!

The office staff was amazing. Natasha was supportive, helpful, uplifting, and very friendly. She was always professional. The entire staff is always kind and helpful. Embracing Life Wellness Center has top notch staff! Dr. Fickey was very involved in the treatment and how I was doing. She is very supportive and caring. Dr. Fickey exceeded my expectations.

More Motivated to Accomplish Daily Tasks!

The TMS treatment has helped my depression tremendously. I now can go through the day without feeling the “gloom” of depression. Since I started TMS treatment I know feel like I am more motivated to accomplish daily tasks. There is not one thing I would change regarding my experience; everything was super positive. The office staff was super friendly, so easy to communicate with and very caring. No words can describe how wonderful, caring and accommodating Dr. Fickey is towards her patient’s. TMS therapy has alleviated my depression issues. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is fighting this awful battle.

Eye Opening and Relaxing Experience!

TMS has been eye opening and was a very relaxing experience. I no longer need medications to help me sleep through the night which had consisted of two Trazadone and a sleeping pill. I can now sleep through the night and average around 9 hours of sleep. The office staff was courteous, compassionate and friendly. The TMS technician was very informative at each session. Overall, the TMS treatment was a very positive experience for me.

Fantastic! Can't Say Enough!

My experience with TMS has been fantastic! I tell everyone I can about it. More people are looking for drug free treatment options. I can complete tasks, go out more often and express myself more clear. I wasn’t able to do this before treatment and I can recognize my feelings and address them accordingly. I was comfortable. The appointments were on time and not too long. The office staff was awesome! Natasha was very caring and did a great job making me feel comfortable. Fantastic again! I can’t say enough.


The office staff at Embracing Life Wellness Center was phenomenal! From check-in to check-out everyone was positive, smiling and obviously happy to see me. The TMS treaters were great! They made me feel comfortable, shared fun conversations with me, and listened to how I felt. Dr. Fickey was very knowledgeable and supportive of my goals.

Very Positive Experience with TMS

I had a very positive experience with TMS. The staff was great and the appointments were flexible to fit my schedule.

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TMS makes long-term remission possible. Over 1.5 million treatments have been safely performed by the Neurostar® device. It’s easy to tolerate and our device has patented precision technology to ensure you receive the right dose to the right location, every time.

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