Our TMS Testimonials

More Motivated to Accomplish Daily Tasks!

My experience with TMS has been very good. The treatment has helped my depression tremendously.  I now can go through the day without feeling the “gloom” of depression. Since I started TMS treatment I know feel like I am more motivated to accomplish daily tasks. There is not one thing I would change regarding my experience; everything was super positive. The office staff was super friendly, so easy to communicate with and very caring. No words can describe how wonderful, caring and accommodating Dr. Fickey is towards her patient’s. TMS therapy has alleviated my depression issues. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is fighting this awful battle.

Eye Opening and Relaxing Experience!

My experience with TMS has been eye opening and was a very relaxing experience.  I can now sleep through the night and average around 9 hours of sleep.  I no longer need medications to help me sleep through the night which had consisted of two Trazadone and a sleeping pill.  I would not change one thing about my experience with the TMS treatment. The office staff was courteous, compassionate and friendly. The TMS technician was very informative at each session. Overall, the TMS treatment was a very positive experience for me.

Fantastic! Can't Say Enough!

My experience with TMS has been fantastic! I tell everyone I can about it. More people are looking for drug free treatment options. I now can complete tasks, go out more often and express myself more clear. I wasn’t able to do this before treatment and I can recognize my feelings and address them accordingly. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I was comfortable. The appointments were on time and not too long. The office staff was awesome! Natasha was very caring and did a great job making me feel comfortable. Fantastic again! I can’t say enough.

Why TMS?

TMS makes long-term remission possible. Over 1.5 million treatments have been safely performed by the Neurostar® device. It’s easy to tolerate and our device has patented precision technology to ensure you receive the right dose to the right location, every time.

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